Abacus Fostering’s Ofsted Inspection Report rated Abacus as Overall Good.

The Inspection took place in late July 2014 on focused on

  • The Overall Effectiveness
  • Experiences, Progress and Outcomes of Children and Young People
  • The Quality of the Service
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People
  • The Leadership and Management

The report found :

“Children and young people’s needs are various and complex, yet they make good, and in some instances outstanding progress.”

“A particular strength of the agency is the recruitment and preparation of skilled carers who are then well matched with children and young people.”

The Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) said: “They understand the value of contact for young people living away from their parents and do all they can to promote safe and enjoyable meetings.”

“Children with complex needs and communication difficulties make outstanding progress.”

“There has been a remarkable improvement in all aspects of the young person’s behaviour, appearance and achievement since he moved to live with these carers.”

“The fostering panel promotes thorough assessments, support and training and carries out a rigorous quality assurance function.”

“One carer said: ‘The agency is outstanding in people skills and gives the right people the chance to care for those who need it the most.'”

Please find below our current  Ofsted Report and a link to our page on the ofsted website.

The IRO said: ‘I have been very impressed with the skills and knowledge of the carers.”

“This robust professional curiosity ensures that children and young people are well safeguarded”

“Supervising social workers are particularly skilled at communicating with children and young people, tailoring their approach according to children’s needs.”

“Commissioners have been impressed by the clarity of the agency’s understanding of the needs of each child that has been matched with carers.”

SC457784 Abacus Fostering Inspection Report 2014

www.ofsted.gov.uk – Abacus Fostering Limited SC457784