Abacus Fostering’s Ofsted Inspection Report rated Abacus as Overall Good.

The Inspection took place in November 2017 and focused on

  • The Overall Effectiveness
  • Experiences, Progress and Outcomes of Children and Young People
  • The Quality of the Service
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People
  • The Leadership and Management

The report found :Key findings from this inspection

 Most children and young people experience long-term stability with their foster
 Foster carers continue to support and help young people into adulthood.
 Children and young people overcome emotional and behaviour difficulties, thanks
to the help that carers and supervising social workers give them.
 Children and young people adopt healthier and safer lifestyles with their foster
 Children and young people do better than previously in their education because
their carers understand their difficulties with learning and give them good help.
 Children and young people feel part of their fostering families. Their carers help
them collect memorabilia of their progress and experiences while fostered.
 Supervising social workers and the management team provide very regular,
creative and high-quality support and training to foster families.
 Children and young people are matched well with foster families who can meet all
their needs, including their need to keep in contact with their own families.
 Children and young people get good information about their carers before they go
to live with them.
 Fostered and birth children feel part of the fostering agency because the agency
communicates regularly and organises good activities, including charitable events.
 Assessments of new foster carers are completed thoroughly. This means that new
carers are well prepared and of a good calibre.
 The manager and supervising social workers invest heavily in training and
supporting carers to provide a therapeutic care style.
 Complaints and allegations from children, young people and carers are very few
because carers are skilled and provide warm and attentive care.
 The manager and the registered individual are always available and are
committed to the service. They review the service‟s work rigorously, learning from
mistakes and breakdowns, as well as implementing changes effectively.

ofsted.gov.uk : Abacus Fostering Limited

Ofsted Full Inspection Report 2017