Aims and Objectives

Our Aim is to provide excellent quality foster placements to children and young people and children and their parents by providing stability and opportunities to achieve in life by:

  • Providing high quality support and supervision to foster carers.

  • Meeting children’s individual needs taking into account all areas under Every Child Matters.

  • Safeguarding children and young people.

  • Listening to children and young people and give them the opportunity to share their wishes and feelings appropriately.

  • Providing excellent quality and choice of placements ensuring that children are well matched to carers to achieve successful placements.

  • Consulting with foster carers, children and young people, birth parents and family and professionals to continually improve the service.

  • Having policies and procedures in place which are grounded in current research, good practice and legislation.

  • Having robust procedures in place for the recruitment of potential carers.

  • Providing excellent in house and external training which develops carer skills in caring for children and young people.

  • Promoting and respect children and Young people’s heritage and cultural background, responding positively and appropriately to their age, gender, sexuality and identity.

  • Providing a robust service and a dedicated skilled staff team which is geared up to meeting the needs of foster carers and children and young people.

  • Working in partnership with others.

  • To make all relevant documents including the Statement of Purpose available in appropriate formats and languages where appropriate.

  • Reviewing and proactively developing The Statement of Purpose on an ongoing basis.
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Becoming a Foster Parent

It takes a special kind of person to take on the responsibilities of fostering. If you’re patient, understanding and positive, you’re already well on your way to becoming a successful foster carer. Abacus Fostering will provide tailored, quality training to teach carers of any age (above 21), gender or cultural background. With positivity and determination, together we know we can succeed. If you think you have the qualities necessary to take on a child in need, enquire with Abacus Fostering to find out how you can become a foster carer.