About Fostering

What is Fostering?

Fostering is a role suited to those who are caring, patient and giving. As a foster carer, you will take a vulnerable child or young person into your home and provide them with a nurturing family environment they may never have experienced before or have been deprived of. The children you care for may have experienced anything from family crisis, loss, parents with mental or physical health issues, or they may be dealing with a disability their family require support with. Other children and young people may come into care when their welfare is undermined by more serious issues such as persistent parent drug/ alcohol misuse, domestic violence, neglect or abuse. Foster carers play an important role providing a safe, secure and stable environment for vulnerable children and young people who have had difficult or traumatic life experiences.

Types of Foster Care and Fostering

Fostering is a varied and diverse role. Abacus Fostering provides a range of placements for children and young people;

We Provide:

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